std::packaged_task< _Res(_ArgTypes...)> Class Template Reference

Public Member Functions

template<typename _Fn , typename = __not_same<_Fn>>
 packaged_task (_Fn &&__fn)
 packaged_task (const packaged_task &)=delete
 packaged_task (packaged_task &&__other) noexcept
future< _Res > get_future ()
void make_ready_at_thread_exit (_ArgTypes... __args)
void operator() (_ArgTypes... __args)
packaged_task & operator= (const packaged_task &)=delete
packaged_task & operator= (packaged_task &&__other) noexcept
void reset ()
void swap (packaged_task &__other) noexcept
bool valid () const noexcept

Detailed Description

template<typename _Res, typename... _ArgTypes>
class std::packaged_task< _Res(_ArgTypes...)>


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