std::condition_variable Class Reference

Public Types

typedef __gthread_cond_t * native_handle_type

Public Member Functions

 condition_variable (const condition_variable &)=delete
native_handle_type native_handle ()
void notify_all () noexcept
void notify_one () noexcept
condition_variableoperator= (const condition_variable &)=delete
void wait (unique_lock< mutex > &__lock) noexcept
template<typename _Predicate >
void wait (unique_lock< mutex > &__lock, _Predicate __p)
template<typename _Rep , typename _Period >
cv_status wait_for (unique_lock< mutex > &__lock, const chrono::duration< _Rep, _Period > &__rtime)
template<typename _Rep , typename _Period , typename _Predicate >
bool wait_for (unique_lock< mutex > &__lock, const chrono::duration< _Rep, _Period > &__rtime, _Predicate __p)
template<typename _Clock , typename _Duration >
cv_status wait_until (unique_lock< mutex > &__lock, const chrono::time_point< _Clock, _Duration > &__atime)
template<typename _Clock , typename _Duration , typename _Predicate >
bool wait_until (unique_lock< mutex > &__lock, const chrono::time_point< _Clock, _Duration > &__atime, _Predicate __p)
template<typename _Duration >
cv_status wait_until (unique_lock< mutex > &__lock, const chrono::time_point< system_clock, _Duration > &__atime)

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