1 Typedef and constants

The following data type has been defined via typedef.

__complex128: __float128-based complex number

The following macros are defined, which give the numeric limits of the __float128 data type.

FLT128_MAX: largest finite number
FLT128_MIN: smallest positive number with full precision
FLT128_EPSILON: difference between 1 and the next larger

representable number

FLT128_DENORM_MIN: smallest positive denormalized number
FLT128_MANT_DIG: number of digits in the mantissa (bit precision)
FLT128_MIN_EXP: maximal negative exponent
FLT128_MAX_EXP: maximal positive exponent
FLT128_DIG: number of decimal digits in the mantissa
FLT128_MIN_10_EXP: maximal negative decimal exponent
FLT128_MAX_10_EXP: maximal positive decimal exponent

The following mathematical constants of type __float128 are defined.

M_Eq: the constant e (Euler’s number)
M_LOG2Eq: binary logarithm of 2
M_LOG10Eq: common, decimal logarithm of 2
M_LN2q: natural logarithm of 2
M_LN10q: natural logarithm of 10
M_PIq: pi
M_PI_2q: pi divided by two
M_PI_4q: pi divided by four
M_1_PIq: one over pi
M_2_PIq: one over two pi
M_2_SQRTPIq: two over square root of pi
M_SQRT2q: square root of 2
M_SQRT1_2q: one over square root of 2