3.7.2 omp_target_free – Free device memory


This routine frees memory allocated by the omp_target_alloc routine. The device_ptr argument must be either a null pointer or a device pointer returned by omp_target_alloc for the specified device_num. The device number device_num must be a conforming device number.

Running this routine in a target region except on the initial device is not supported.

Prototype:void omp_target_free(void *device_ptr, int device_num)
Interface:subroutine omp_target_free(device_ptr, device_num) bind(C)
use, intrinsic :: iso_c_binding, only: c_ptr, c_int
type(c_ptr), value :: device_ptr
integer(c_int), value :: device_num
See also:

omp_target_alloc – Allocate device memory, omp_target_disassociate_ptr – Remove device–host pointer association


OpenMP specification v5.1, Section 3.8.2