3.2.1 omp_get_proc_bind – Whether threads may be moved between CPUs


This functions returns the currently active thread affinity policy, which is set via OMP_PROC_BIND. Possible values are omp_proc_bind_false, omp_proc_bind_true, omp_proc_bind_primary, omp_proc_bind_master, omp_proc_bind_close and omp_proc_bind_spread, where omp_proc_bind_master is an alias for omp_proc_bind_primary.

Prototype:omp_proc_bind_t omp_get_proc_bind(void);
Interface:integer(kind=omp_proc_bind_kind) function omp_get_proc_bind()
See also:

OMP_PROC_BIND – Whether threads may be moved between CPUs, OMP_PLACES – Specifies on which CPUs the threads should be placed, GOMP_CPU_AFFINITY – Bind threads to specific CPUs,


OpenMP specification v4.5, Section 3.2.22.