6.32 acc_memcpy_from_device – Copy device memory to host memory.


This function copies device memory specified by device address of data_dev_src to host memory specified by the host address data_host_dest for a length of bytes bytes.

Prototype:void acc_memcpy_from_device(h_void* data_host_dest,
d_void* data_dev_src, size_t bytes);
Prototype:void acc_memcpy_from_device_async(h_void* data_host_dest,
d_void* data_dev_src, size_t bytes, int async_arg);
Interface:subroutine acc_memcpy_from_device(data_host_dest, &
data_dev_src, bytes)
Interface:subroutine acc_memcpy_from_device_async(data_host_dest, &
data_dev_src, bytes, async_arg)
type(*), dimension(*) :: data_host_dest
type(c_ptr), value :: data_dev_src
integer(c_size_t), value :: bytes
integer(acc_handle_kind), value :: async_arg

OpenACC specification v2.6, section 3.2.32. OpenACC specification v3.3, section 3.2.27.