6.6 acc_get_property – Get device property.


These routines return the value of the specified property for the device being queried according to devicenum and devicetype. Integer-valued and string-valued properties are returned by acc_get_property and acc_get_property_string respectively. The Fortran acc_get_property_string subroutine returns the string retrieved in its fourth argument while the remaining entry points are functions, which pass the return value as their result.

Note for Fortran, only: the OpenACC technical committee corrected and, hence, modified the interface introduced in OpenACC 2.6. The kind-value parameter acc_device_property has been renamed to acc_device_property_kind for consistency and the return type of the acc_get_property function is now a c_size_t integer instead of a acc_device_property integer. The parameter acc_device_property is still provided, but might be removed in a future version of GCC.

Prototype:size_t acc_get_property(int devicenum, acc_device_t devicetype, acc_device_property_t property);
Prototype:const char *acc_get_property_string(int devicenum, acc_device_t devicetype, acc_device_property_t property);
Interface:function acc_get_property(devicenum, devicetype, property)
Interface:subroutine acc_get_property_string(devicenum, devicetype, property, string)
use ISO_C_Binding, only: c_size_t
integer devicenum
integer(kind=acc_device_kind) devicetype
integer(kind=acc_device_property_kind) property
integer(kind=c_size_t) acc_get_property
character(*) string

OpenACC specification v2.6, section 3.2.6.