11.2 OpenMP Context Selectors

vendor is always gnu. References are to the GCC manual.

For the host compiler, kind always matches host; for the offloading architectures AMD GCN and Nvidia PTX, kind always matches gpu. For the x86 family of computers, AMD GCN and Nvidia PTX the following traits are supported in addition; while OpenMP is supported on more architectures, GCC currently does not match any arch or isa traits for those.

x86, x86_64, i386, i486, i586, i686, ia32See -m... flags in “x86 Options” (without -m)
amdgcn, gcnSee -march= in “AMD GCN Options”5
nvptx, nvptx64See -march= in “Nvidia PTX Options”



Additionally, gfx803 is supported as an alias for fiji.