2.66 Pragma External_Name_Casing


pragma External_Name_Casing (
  Uppercase | Lowercase
  [, Uppercase | Lowercase | As_Is]);

This pragma provides control over the casing of external names associated with Import and Export pragmas. There are two cases to consider:

This pragma may appear anywhere that a pragma is valid. In particular, it can be used as a configuration pragma in the gnat.adc file, in which case it applies to all subsequent compilations, or it can be used as a program unit pragma, in which case it only applies to the current unit, or it can be used more locally to control individual Import/Export pragmas.

It was primarily intended for use with OpenVMS systems, where many compilers convert all symbols to upper case by default. For interfacing to such compilers (e.g., the DEC C compiler), it may be convenient to use the pragma:

pragma External_Name_Casing (Uppercase, Uppercase);

to enforce the upper casing of all external symbols.