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1.1 About GNU Fortran

The GNU Fortran compiler is the successor to g77, the Fortran 77 front end included in GCC prior to version 4 (released in 2005). While it is backward-compatible with most g77 extensions and command-line options, gfortran is a completely new implemention designed to support more modern dialects of Fortran. GNU Fortran implements the Fortran 77, 90 and 95 standards completely, most of the Fortran 2003 and 2008 standards, and some features from the 2018 standard. It also implements several extensions including OpenMP and OpenACC support for parallel programming.

The GNU Fortran compiler passes the NIST Fortran 77 Test Suite, and produces acceptable results on the LAPACK Test Suite. It also provides respectable performance on the Polyhedron Fortran compiler benchmarks and the Livermore Fortran Kernels test. It has been used to compile a number of large real-world programs, including the HARMONIE and HIRLAM weather forecasting code and the Tonto quantum chemistry package; see for an extended list.

GNU Fortran provides the following functionality:

The GNU Fortran compiler consists of several components:

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