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10.4.2 wi arithmetic on poly_ints

As well as the C++ operators, poly_int supports the following wi routines:

wi::neg (p1, &overflow)

wi::add (p1, p2)
wi::add (p1, c2)
wi::add (c1, p1)
wi::add (p1, p2, sign, &overflow)

wi::sub (p1, p2)
wi::sub (p1, c2)
wi::sub (c1, p1)
wi::sub (p1, p2, sign, &overflow)

wi::mul (p1, c2)
wi::mul (c1, p1)
wi::mul (p1, c2, sign, &overflow)

wi::lshift (p1, c2)

These routines just check whether overflow occurs on any individual coefficient; it is not possible to know at compile time whether the final runtime value would overflow.