MCore Options#

These are the -m options defined for the Motorola M*Core processors.

-mhardlit, -mno-hardlit#

Inline constants into the code stream if it can be done in two instructions or less.

-mdiv, -mno-div#

Use the divide instruction. (Enabled by default).

-mrelax-immediate, -mno-relax-immediate#

Allow arbitrary-sized immediates in bit operations.

-mwide-bitfields, -mno-wide-bitfields#

Always treat bit-fields as int -sized.

-m4byte-functions, -mno-4byte-functions#

Force all functions to be aligned to a 4-byte boundary.

-mcallgraph-data, -mno-callgraph-data#

Emit callgraph information.

-mslow-bytes, -mno-slow-bytes#

Prefer word access when reading byte quantities.

-mlittle-endian, -mbig-endian#

Generate code for a little-endian target.

-m210, -m340#

Generate code for the 210 processor.


Assume that runtime support has been provided and so omit the simulator library (libsim.a) from the linker command line.


Set the maximum amount for a single stack increment operation. Large values can increase the speed of programs that contain functions that need a large amount of stack space, but they can also trigger a segmentation fault if the stack is extended too much. The default value is 0x1000.