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Option Index

gfortran’s command line options are indexed here without any initial ‘-’ or ‘--’. Where an option has both positive and negative forms (such as -foption and -fno-option), relevant entries in the manual are indexed under the most appropriate form; it may sometimes be useful to look up both forms.

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Index Entry  Section

A-predicate=answer: Preprocessing Options
Apredicate=answer: Preprocessing Options

backslash: Fortran Dialect Options

C: Preprocessing Options
c-prototypes: Interoperability Options
c-prototypes-external: Interoperability Options
CC: Preprocessing Options
cpp: Preprocessing Options

dD: Preprocessing Options
dI: Preprocessing Options
dM: Preprocessing Options
dN: Preprocessing Options
Dname: Preprocessing Options
Dname=definition: Preprocessing Options
dU: Preprocessing Options

faggressive-function-elimination: Code Gen Options
falign-commons: Code Gen Options
fall-intrinsics: Fortran Dialect Options
fblas-matmul-limit: Code Gen Options
fbounds-check: Code Gen Options
fcheck: Code Gen Options
fcheck-array-temporaries: Code Gen Options
fcoarray: Code Gen Options
fconvert=conversion: Runtime Options
fcray-pointer: Fortran Dialect Options
fd-lines-as-code: Fortran Dialect Options
fd-lines-as-comments: Fortran Dialect Options
fdec: Fortran Dialect Options
fdec-include: Fortran Dialect Options
fdec-intrinsic-ints: Fortran Dialect Options
fdec-math: Fortran Dialect Options
fdec-static: Fortran Dialect Options
fdec-structure: Fortran Dialect Options
fdefault-double-8: Fortran Dialect Options
fdefault-integer-8: Fortran Dialect Options
fdefault-real-10: Fortran Dialect Options
fdefault-real-16: Fortran Dialect Options
fdefault-real-8: Fortran Dialect Options
fdollar-ok: Fortran Dialect Options
fdump-fortran-global: Debugging Options
fdump-fortran-optimized: Debugging Options
fdump-fortran-original: Debugging Options
fdump-parse-tree: Debugging Options
fexternal-blas: Code Gen Options
ff2c: Code Gen Options
ffixed-form: Fortran Dialect Options
ffixed-line-length-n: Fortran Dialect Options
ffpe-summary=list: Debugging Options
ffpe-trap=list: Debugging Options
ffree-form: Fortran Dialect Options
ffree-line-length-n: Fortran Dialect Options
fimplicit-none: Fortran Dialect Options
finit-character: Code Gen Options
finit-derived: Code Gen Options
finit-integer: Code Gen Options
finit-local-zero: Code Gen Options
finit-logical: Code Gen Options
finit-real: Code Gen Options
finline-matmul-limit: Code Gen Options
finteger-4-integer-8: Fortran Dialect Options
fintrinsic-modules-path dir: Directory Options
fmax-array-constructor: Code Gen Options
fmax-errors=n: Error and Warning Options
fmax-identifier-length=n: Fortran Dialect Options
fmax-stack-var-size: Code Gen Options
fmax-subrecord-length=length: Runtime Options
fmodule-private: Fortran Dialect Options
fno-automatic: Code Gen Options
fno-backtrace: Debugging Options
fno-protect-parens: Code Gen Options
fno-underscoring: Code Gen Options
fopenacc: Fortran Dialect Options
fopenmp: Fortran Dialect Options
fpack-derived: Code Gen Options
fpad-source: Fortran Dialect Options
fpp: Preprocessing Options
frange-check: Fortran Dialect Options
freal-4-real-10: Fortran Dialect Options
freal-4-real-16: Fortran Dialect Options
freal-4-real-8: Fortran Dialect Options
freal-8-real-10: Fortran Dialect Options
freal-8-real-16: Fortran Dialect Options
freal-8-real-4: Fortran Dialect Options
frealloc-lhs: Code Gen Options
frecord-marker=length: Runtime Options
frecursive: Code Gen Options
frepack-arrays: Code Gen Options
frontend-loop-interchange: Code Gen Options
frontend-optimize: Code Gen Options
fsecond-underscore: Code Gen Options
fshort-enums: Code Gen Options
fshort-enums: Fortran 2003 status
fsign-zero: Runtime Options
fstack-arrays: Code Gen Options
fsyntax-only: Error and Warning Options
ftest-forall-temp: Fortran Dialect Options
fworking-directory: Preprocessing Options

H: Preprocessing Options

Idir: Directory Options
idirafter dir: Preprocessing Options
imultilib dir: Preprocessing Options
iprefix prefix: Preprocessing Options
iquote dir: Preprocessing Options
isysroot dir: Preprocessing Options
isystem dir: Preprocessing Options

Jdir: Directory Options

Mdir: Directory Options

nostdinc: Preprocessing Options

P: Preprocessing Options
pedantic: Error and Warning Options
pedantic-errors: Error and Warning Options

static-libgfortran: Link Options
std=std option: Fortran Dialect Options

tail-call-workaround: Code Gen Options

Uname: Preprocessing Options
undef: Preprocessing Options

Waliasing: Error and Warning Options
Walign-commons: Error and Warning Options
Wall: Error and Warning Options
Wampersand: Error and Warning Options
Wargument-mismatch: Error and Warning Options
Warray-temporaries: Error and Warning Options
Wc-binding-type: Error and Warning Options
Wcharacter-truncation: Error and Warning Options
Wcompare-reals: Error and Warning Options
Wconversion: Error and Warning Options
Wconversion-extra: Error and Warning Options
Wdo-subscript: Error and Warning Options
Werror: Error and Warning Options
Wextra: Error and Warning Options
Wfrontend-loop-interchange: Error and Warning Options
Wfunction-elimination: Error and Warning Options
Wimplicit-interface: Error and Warning Options
Wimplicit-procedure: Error and Warning Options
Winteger-division: Error and Warning Options
Wintrinsic-shadow: Error and Warning Options
Wintrinsics-std: Error and Warning Options
Wline-truncation: Error and Warning Options
Wpedantic: Error and Warning Options
Wreal-q-constant: Error and Warning Options
Wrealloc-lhs: Error and Warning Options
Wrealloc-lhs-all: Error and Warning Options
Wsurprising: Error and Warning Options
Wtabs: Error and Warning Options
Wtargt-lifetime: Error and Warning Options
Wundefined-do-loop: Error and Warning Options
Wunderflow: Error and Warning Options
Wunused-dummy-argument: Error and Warning Options
Wunused-parameter: Error and Warning Options
Wuse-without-only: Error and Warning Options
Wzerotrip: Error and Warning Options

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