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14 Specialized Needs Annexes

Ada 95, Ada 2005, and Ada 2012 define a number of Specialized Needs Annexes, which are not required in all implementations. However, as described in this chapter, GNAT implements all of these annexes:

`Systems Programming (Annex C)'
The Systems Programming Annex is fully implemented.
`Real-Time Systems (Annex D)'
The Real-Time Systems Annex is fully implemented.
`Distributed Systems (Annex E)'
Stub generation is fully implemented in the GNAT compiler. In addition, a complete compatible PCS is available as part of the GLADE system, a separate product. When the two products are used in conjunction, this annex is fully implemented.
`Information Systems (Annex F)'
The Information Systems annex is fully implemented.
`Numerics (Annex G)'
The Numerics Annex is fully implemented.
`Safety and Security / High-Integrity Systems (Annex H)'
The Safety and Security Annex (termed the High-Integrity Systems Annex in Ada 2005) is fully implemented.