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3.18.31 NDS32 Options

These options are defined for NDS32 implementations:

Generate code in big-endian mode.
Generate code in little-endian mode.
Use reduced-set registers for register allocation.
Use full-set registers for register allocation.
Generate conditional move instructions.
Do not generate conditional move instructions.
Generate performance extension instructions.
Do not generate performance extension instructions.
Generate v3 push25/pop25 instructions.
Do not generate v3 push25/pop25 instructions.
Generate 16-bit instructions.
Do not generate 16-bit instructions.
Specify the size of each interrupt vector, which must be 4 or 16.
Specify the size of each cache block, which must be a power of 2 between 4 and 512.
Specify the name of the target architecture.
Set the code model to one of
All the data and read-only data segments must be within 512KB addressing space. The text segment must be within 16MB addressing space.
The data segment must be within 512KB while the read-only data segment can be within 4GB addressing space. The text segment should be still within 16MB addressing space.
All the text and data segments can be within 4GB addressing space.

Enable constructor/destructor feature.
Guide linker to relax instructions.