GNAT User's Guide

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GNAT User's Guide

GNAT User's Guide

GNAT, The GNU Ada Compiler
GCC version 4.5.4


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About This Guide

Getting Started with GNAT

The GNAT Compilation Model

Foreign Language Representation

Compiling Ada Programs With gcc

Switches for gcc

Binding Ada Programs With gnatbind

Switches for gnatbind

Linking Using gnatlink

The GNAT Make Program gnatmake

Improving Performance

Performance Considerations

Reducing Size of Ada Executables with gnatelim

Reducing Size of Executables with unused subprogram/data elimination

Renaming Files Using gnatchop

Configuration Pragmas

Handling Arbitrary File Naming Conventions Using gnatname

GNAT Project Manager

The Cross-Referencing Tools gnatxref and gnatfind

The GNAT Pretty-Printer gnatpp

The GNAT Metrics Tool gnatmetric

File Name Krunching Using gnatkr

Preprocessing Using gnatprep

The GNAT Library Browser gnatls

Cleaning Up Using gnatclean

GNAT and Libraries

Using the GNU make Utility

Memory Management Issues

Stack Related Facilities

Some Useful Memory Pools

The GNAT Debug Pool Facility

The gnatmem Tool

Verifying Properties Using gnatcheck

Sample Bodies Using gnatstub

Other Utility Programs

Code Coverage and Profiling

Running and Debugging Ada Programs

Platform-Specific Information for the Run-Time Libraries

Example of Binder Output File

Elaboration Order Handling in GNAT

Conditional Compilation

Inline Assembler

Compatibility and Porting Guide

Microsoft Windows Topics