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Pragma Stream_Convert


     pragma Stream_Convert (
       [Entity =>] type_LOCAL_NAME,
       [Read   =>] function_NAME,
       [Write  =>] function_NAME);

This pragma provides an efficient way of providing stream functions for types defined in packages. Not only is it simpler to use than declaring the necessary functions with attribute representation clauses, but more significantly, it allows the declaration to made in such a way that the stream packages are not loaded unless they are needed. The use of the Stream_Convert pragma adds no overhead at all, unless the stream attributes are actually used on the designated type.

The first argument specifies the type for which stream functions are provided. The second parameter provides a function used to read values of this type. It must name a function whose argument type may be any subtype, and whose returned type must be the type given as the first argument to the pragma.

The meaning of the Read parameter is that if a stream attribute directly or indirectly specifies reading of the type given as the first parameter, then a value of the type given as the argument to the Read function is read from the stream, and then the Read function is used to convert this to the required target type.

Similarly the Write parameter specifies how to treat write attributes that directly or indirectly apply to the type given as the first parameter. It must have an input parameter of the type specified by the first parameter, and the return type must be the same as the input type of the Read function. The effect is to first call the Write function to convert to the given stream type, and then write the result type to the stream.

The Read and Write functions must not be overloaded subprograms. If necessary renamings can be supplied to meet this requirement. The usage of this attribute is best illustrated by a simple example, taken from the GNAT implementation of package Ada.Strings.Unbounded:

     function To_Unbounded (S : String)
                return Unbounded_String
       renames To_Unbounded_String;
     pragma Stream_Convert
       (Unbounded_String, To_Unbounded, To_String);

The specifications of the referenced functions, as given in the Ada Reference Manual are:

     function To_Unbounded_String (Source : String)
       return Unbounded_String;
     function To_String (Source : Unbounded_String)
       return String;

The effect is that if the value of an unbounded string is written to a stream, then the representation of the item in the stream is in the same format used for Standard.String, and this same representation is expected when a value of this type is read from the stream.