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     CALL LTime(STime, TArray)

STime: INTEGER(KIND=1); scalar; INTENT(IN).


Intrinsic groups: unix.


Given a system time value STime, fills TArray with values extracted from it appropriate to the GMT time zone using localtime(3).

The array elements are as follows:

  1. Seconds after the minute, range 0–59 or 0–61 to allow for leap seconds
  2. Minutes after the hour, range 0–59
  3. Hours past midnight, range 0–23
  4. Day of month, range 0–31
  5. Number of months since January, range 0–12
  6. Years since 1900
  7. Number of days since Sunday, range 0–6
  8. Days since January 1
  9. Daylight savings indicator: positive if daylight savings is in effect, zero if not, and negative if the information isn't available.