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15.1 Bugs Not In GNU Fortran

These are bugs to which the maintainers often have to reply, “but that isn't a bug in g77...”. Some of these already are fixed in new versions of other software; some still need to be fixed; some are problems with how g77 is installed or is being used; some are the result of bad hardware that causes software to misbehave in sometimes bizarre ways; some just cannot be addressed at this time until more is known about the problem.

Please don't re-report these bugs to the g77 maintainers—if you must remind someone how important it is to you that the problem be fixed, talk to the people responsible for the other products identified below, but preferably only after you've tried the latest versions of those products. The g77 maintainers have their hands full working on just fixing and improving g77, without serving as a clearinghouse for all bugs that happen to affect g77 users.

See Collected Fortran Wisdom, for information on behavior of Fortran programs, and the programs that compile them, that might be thought to indicate bugs.