7.2.32 _gfortran_caf_co_broadcast — Sending data to all images


Distribute a value from a given image to all other images in the team. Has to be called collectively.


void _gfortran_caf_co_broadcast (gfc_descriptor_t *a, int source_image, int *stat, char *errmsg, size_t errmsg_len)

aintent(inout) An array descriptor with the data to be broadcasted (on source_image) or to be received (other images).
source_imageintent(in) The ID of the image from which the data should be broadcasted.
statintent(out) Stores the status STAT= and may be NULL.
errmsgintent(out) When an error occurs, this will be set to an error message; may be NULL.
errmsg_lenintent(in) the buffer size of errmsg.