Option Index

gfortran’s command line options are indexed here without any initial ‘-’ or ‘--’. Where an option has both positive and negative forms (such as -foption and -fno-option), relevant entries in the manual are indexed under the most appropriate form; it may sometimes be useful to look up both forms.

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A-predicate=answerPreprocessing Options
allow-invalid-bozFortran Dialect Options
Apredicate=answerPreprocessing Options

backslashFortran Dialect Options

CPreprocessing Options
c-prototypesInteroperability Options
c-prototypes-externalInteroperability Options
CCPreprocessing Options
cppPreprocessing Options

dDPreprocessing Options
dIPreprocessing Options
dMPreprocessing Options
dNPreprocessing Options
DnamePreprocessing Options
Dname=definitionPreprocessing Options
dUPreprocessing Options

faggressive-function-eliminationCode Gen Options
falign-commonsCode Gen Options
fall-intrinsicsFortran Dialect Options
fallow-argument-mismatchFortran Dialect Options
fblas-matmul-limitCode Gen Options
fbounds-checkCode Gen Options
fcheckCode Gen Options
fcheck-array-temporariesCode Gen Options
fcoarrayCode Gen Options
fconvert=conversionRuntime Options
fcray-pointerFortran Dialect Options
fd-lines-as-codeFortran Dialect Options
fd-lines-as-commentsFortran Dialect Options
fdebug-aux-varsDebugging Options
fdecFortran Dialect Options
fdec-blank-format-itemFortran Dialect Options
fdec-char-conversionsFortran Dialect Options
fdec-format-defaultsFortran Dialect Options
fdec-includeFortran Dialect Options
fdec-intrinsic-intsFortran Dialect Options
fdec-mathFortran Dialect Options
fdec-staticFortran Dialect Options
fdec-structureFortran Dialect Options
fdefault-double-8Fortran Dialect Options
fdefault-integer-8Fortran Dialect Options
fdefault-real-10Fortran Dialect Options
fdefault-real-16Fortran Dialect Options
fdefault-real-8Fortran Dialect Options
fdollar-okFortran Dialect Options
fdump-fortran-globalDebugging Options
fdump-fortran-optimizedDebugging Options
fdump-fortran-originalDebugging Options
fdump-parse-treeDebugging Options
fexternal-blasCode Gen Options
ff2cCode Gen Options
ffixed-formFortran Dialect Options
ffixed-line-length-nFortran Dialect Options
ffpe-summary=listDebugging Options
ffpe-trap=listDebugging Options
ffree-formFortran Dialect Options
ffree-line-length-nFortran Dialect Options
fimplicit-noneFortran Dialect Options
finit-characterCode Gen Options
finit-derivedCode Gen Options
finit-integerCode Gen Options
finit-local-zeroCode Gen Options
finit-logicalCode Gen Options
finit-realCode Gen Options
finline-arg-packingCode Gen Options
finline-matmul-limitCode Gen Options
finteger-4-integer-8Fortran Dialect Options
fintrinsic-modules-path dirDirectory Options
fmax-array-constructorCode Gen Options
fmax-errors=nError and Warning Options
fmax-identifier-length=nFortran Dialect Options
fmax-stack-var-sizeCode Gen Options
fmax-subrecord-length=lengthRuntime Options
fmodule-privateFortran Dialect Options
fno-automaticCode Gen Options
fno-backtraceDebugging Options
fno-protect-parensCode Gen Options
fno-underscoringCode Gen Options
fopenaccFortran Dialect Options
fopenmpFortran Dialect Options
fpack-derivedCode Gen Options
fpad-sourceFortran Dialect Options
fppPreprocessing Options
frange-checkFortran Dialect Options
freal-4-real-10Fortran Dialect Options
freal-4-real-16Fortran Dialect Options
freal-4-real-8Fortran Dialect Options
freal-8-real-10Fortran Dialect Options
freal-8-real-16Fortran Dialect Options
freal-8-real-4Fortran Dialect Options
frealloc-lhsCode Gen Options
frecord-marker=lengthRuntime Options
frecursiveCode Gen Options
frepack-arraysCode Gen Options
frontend-loop-interchangeCode Gen Options
frontend-optimizeCode Gen Options
fsecond-underscoreCode Gen Options
fshort-enumsCode Gen Options
fsign-zeroRuntime Options
fstack-arraysCode Gen Options
fsyntax-onlyError and Warning Options
ftest-forall-tempFortran Dialect Options
fworking-directoryPreprocessing Options

HPreprocessing Options

IdirDirectory Options
idirafter dirPreprocessing Options
imultilib dirPreprocessing Options
iprefix prefixPreprocessing Options
iquote dirPreprocessing Options
isysroot dirPreprocessing Options
isystem dirPreprocessing Options

JdirDirectory Options

MdirDirectory Options

nostdincPreprocessing Options

PPreprocessing Options
pedanticError and Warning Options
pedantic-errorsError and Warning Options

static-libgfortranLink Options
std=std optionFortran Dialect Options

tail-call-workaroundCode Gen Options

UnamePreprocessing Options
undefPreprocessing Options

WaliasingError and Warning Options
Walign-commonsError and Warning Options
WallError and Warning Options
WampersandError and Warning Options
Warray-temporariesError and Warning Options
Wc-binding-typeError and Warning Options
Wcharacter-truncationError and Warning Options
Wcompare-realsError and Warning Options
WconversionError and Warning Options
Wconversion-extraError and Warning Options
Wdo-subscriptError and Warning Options
WerrorError and Warning Options
WextraError and Warning Options
Wfrontend-loop-interchangeError and Warning Options
Wfunction-eliminationError and Warning Options
Wimplicit-interfaceError and Warning Options
Wimplicit-procedureError and Warning Options
Winteger-divisionError and Warning Options
Wintrinsic-shadowError and Warning Options
Wintrinsics-stdError and Warning Options
Wline-truncationError and Warning Options
Woverwrite-recursiveError and Warning Options
WpedanticError and Warning Options
Wreal-q-constantError and Warning Options
Wrealloc-lhsError and Warning Options
Wrealloc-lhs-allError and Warning Options
WsurprisingError and Warning Options
WtabsError and Warning Options
Wtargt-lifetimeError and Warning Options
Wundefined-do-loopError and Warning Options
WunderflowError and Warning Options
Wunused-dummy-argumentError and Warning Options
Wunused-parameterError and Warning Options
Wuse-without-onlyError and Warning Options
WzerotripError and Warning Options