8.196 MIN — Minimum value of an argument list


Returns the argument with the smallest (most negative) value.


Fortran 77 and later


Elemental function


RESULT = MIN(A1, A2 [, A3, ...])

A1The type shall be INTEGER or REAL.
A2, A3, ...An expression of the same type and kind as A1. (As a GNU extension, arguments of different kinds are permitted.)
Return value:

The return value corresponds to the minimum value among the arguments, and has the same type and kind as the first argument.

Specific names:
NameArgumentReturn typeStandard
MIN0(A1)INTEGER(4) A1INTEGER(4)Fortran 77 and later
AMIN0(A1)INTEGER(4) A1REAL(4)Fortran 77 and later
MIN1(A1)REAL A1INTEGER(4)Fortran 77 and later
AMIN1(A1)REAL(4) A1REAL(4)Fortran 77 and later
DMIN1(A1)REAL(8) A1REAL(8)Fortran 77 and later
See also:

MAX — Maximum value of an argument list, MINLOC — Location of the minimum value within an array, MINVAL — Minimum value of an array