8.131 GMTIME — Convert time to GMT info


Given a system time value TIME (as provided by the TIME — Time function intrinsic), fills VALUES with values extracted from it appropriate to the UTC time zone (Universal Coordinated Time, also known in some countries as GMT, Greenwich Mean Time), using gmtime(3).

This intrinsic routine is provided for backwards compatibility with GNU Fortran 77. In new code, programmers should consider the use of the DATE_AND_TIME — Date and time subroutine intrinsic defined by the Fortran 95 standard.


GNU extension





TIMEAn INTEGER scalar expression corresponding to a system time, with INTENT(IN).
VALUESA default INTEGER array with 9 elements, with INTENT(OUT).
Return value:

The elements of VALUES are assigned as follows:

  1. Seconds after the minute, range 0–59 or 0–61 to allow for leap seconds
  2. Minutes after the hour, range 0–59
  3. Hours past midnight, range 0–23
  4. Day of month, range 1–31
  5. Number of months since January, range 0–11
  6. Years since 1900
  7. Number of days since Sunday, range 0–6
  8. Days since January 1, range 0–365
  9. Daylight savings indicator: positive if daylight savings is in effect, zero if not, and negative if the information is not available.
See also:

DATE_AND_TIME — Date and time subroutine, CTIME — Convert a time into a string, LTIME — Convert time to local time info, TIME — Time function, TIME8 — Time function (64-bit)