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2.3 OpenMP 5.1

New features listed in Appendix B of the OpenMP specification

OpenMP directive as C++ attribute specifiersY
omp_all_memory reserved locatorN
target_device trait in OpenMP ContextN
target_device selector set in context selectorsN
C/C++’s declare variant directive: elision support of preprocessed codeN
declare variant: new clauses adjust_args and append_argsN
dispatch constructN
device-specific ICV settings the environment variablesN
assume directiveN
nothing directiveY
error directiveY
masked constructY
scope directiveY
Loop transformation constructsN
strict modifier in the grainsize and num_tasks clauses of the taskloop constructY
align clause/modifier in allocate directive/clause and allocator directivePC/C++ on clause only
thread_limit clause to target constructY
has_device_addr clause to target constructY
iterators in target update motion clauses and map clausesN
indirect calls to the device version of a procedure or function in target regionsN
interop directiveN
omp_interop_t object support in runtime routinesN
nowait clause in taskwait directiveN
Extensions to the atomic directiveY
seq_cst clause on a flush constructY
inoutset argument to the depend clauseN
private and firstprivate argument to default clause in C and C++Y
present argument to defaultmap clauseN
omp_set_num_teams, omp_set_teams_thread_limit, omp_get_max_teams, omp_get_teams_thread_limit runtime routinesY
omp_target_is_accessible runtime routineN
omp_target_memcpy_async and omp_target_memcpy_rect_async runtime routinesN
omp_get_mapped_ptr runtime routineN
omp_calloc, omp_realloc, omp_aligned_alloc and omp_aligned_calloc runtime routinesY
omp_alloctrait_key_t enum: omp_atv_serialized added, omp_atv_default changedY
omp_display_env runtime routineY
ompt_scope_endpoint_t enum: ompt_scope_beginendN
ompt_sync_region_t enum additionsN
ompt_state_t enum: ompt_state_wait_barrier_implementation and ompt_state_wait_barrier_teamsN
ompt_callback_target_data_op_emi_t, ompt_callback_target_emi_t, ompt_callback_target_map_emi_t and ompt_callback_target_submit_emi_tN
ompt_callback_error_t typeN
OMP_PLACES syntax extensionsY
OMP_NUM_TEAMS and OMP_TEAMS_THREAD_LIMIT environment variablesY

Other new OpenMP 5.1 features

Support of strictly structured blocks in FortranY
Support of structured block sequences in C/C++Y
unconstrained and reproducible modifiers on order clauseY

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