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6.14 RM 11.4.1(19): Exception Information

Exception_Message by default and Exception_Information should produce information useful for debugging. Exception_Message should be short, about one line. Exception_Information can be long. Exception_Message should not include the Exception_Name. Exception_Information should include both the Exception_Name and the Exception_Message.”

Followed. For each exception that doesn’t have a specified Exception_Message, the compiler generates one containing the location of the raise statement. This location has the form ‘file_name:line’, where file_name is the short file name (without path information) and line is the line number in the file. Note that in the case of the Zero Cost Exception mechanism, these messages become redundant with the Exception_Information that contains a full backtrace of the calling sequence, so they are disabled. To disable explicitly the generation of the source location message, use the Pragma Discard_Names.