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2.176 Pragma Thread_Local_Storage


pragma Thread_Local_Storage ([Entity =>] LOCAL_NAME);

This pragma specifies that the specified entity, which must be a variable declared in a library-level package, is to be marked as “Thread Local Storage” (TLS). On systems supporting this (which include Windows, Solaris, GNU/Linux, and VxWorks 6), this causes each thread (and hence each Ada task) to see a distinct copy of the variable.

The variable must not have default initialization, and if there is an explicit initialization, it must be either null for an access variable, a static expression for a scalar variable, or a fully static aggregate for a composite type, that is to say, an aggregate all of whose components are static, and which does not include packed or discriminated components.

This provides a low-level mechanism similar to that provided by the Ada.Task_Attributes package, but much more efficient and is also useful in writing interface code that will interact with foreign threads.

If this pragma is used on a system where TLS is not supported, then an error message will be generated and the program will be rejected.