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2.172 Pragma Suppress_Initialization


pragma Suppress_Initialization ([Entity =>] variable_or_subtype_Name);

Here variable_or_subtype_Name is the name introduced by a type declaration or subtype declaration or the name of a variable introduced by an object declaration.

In the case of a type or subtype this pragma suppresses any implicit or explicit initialization for all variables of the given type or subtype, including initialization resulting from the use of pragmas Normalize_Scalars or Initialize_Scalars.

This is considered a representation item, so it cannot be given after the type is frozen. It applies to all subsequent object declarations, and also any allocator that creates objects of the type.

If the pragma is given for the first subtype, then it is considered to apply to the base type and all its subtypes. If the pragma is given for other than a first subtype, then it applies only to the given subtype. The pragma may not be given after the type is frozen.

Note that this includes eliminating initialization of discriminants for discriminated types, and tags for tagged types. In these cases, you will have to use some non-portable mechanism (e.g. address overlays or unchecked conversion) to achieve required initialization of these fields before accessing any object of the corresponding type.

For the variable case, implicit initialization for the named variable is suppressed, just as though its subtype had been given in a pragma Suppress_Initialization, as described above.