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2.119 Pragma Overflow_Mode


pragma Overflow_Mode
 (  [General    =>] MODE
  [,[Assertions =>] MODE]);


This pragma sets the current overflow mode to the given setting. For details of the meaning of these modes, please refer to the ‘Overflow Check Handling in GNAT’ appendix in the GNAT User’s Guide. If only the General parameter is present, the given mode applies to all expressions. If both parameters are present, the General mode applies to expressions outside assertions, and the Eliminated mode applies to expressions within assertions.

The case of the MODE parameter is ignored, so MINIMIZED, Minimized and minimized all have the same effect.

The Overflow_Mode pragma has the same scoping and placement rules as pragma Suppress, so it can occur either as a configuration pragma, specifying a default for the whole program, or in a declarative scope, where it applies to the remaining declarations and statements in that scope.

The pragma Suppress (Overflow_Check) suppresses overflow checking, but does not affect the overflow mode.

The pragma Unsuppress (Overflow_Check) unsuppresses (enables) overflow checking, but does not affect the overflow mode.