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2.102 Pragma Machine_Attribute


pragma Machine_Attribute (
     [Entity         =>] LOCAL_NAME,
     [Attribute_Name =>] static_string_EXPRESSION
  [, [Info           =>] static_EXPRESSION {, static_EXPRESSION}] );

Machine-dependent attributes can be specified for types and/or declarations. This pragma is semantically equivalent to __attribute__((`attribute_name')) (if info is not specified) or __attribute__((`attribute_name(info'))) or __attribute__((`attribute_name(info,...'))) in GNU C, where `attribute_name' is recognized by the compiler middle-end or the TARGET_ATTRIBUTE_TABLE machine specific macro. Note that a string literal for the optional parameter info or the following ones is transformed by default into an identifier, which may make this pragma unusable for some attributes. For further information see GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) Internals.