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3.19.14 eBPF Options


This specifies the hard limit for frame sizes, in bytes. Currently, the value that can be specified should be less than or equal to ‘32767’. Defaults to whatever limit is imposed by the version of the Linux kernel targeted.


This specifies the minimum version of the kernel that will run the compiled program. GCC uses this version to determine which instructions to use, what kernel helpers to allow, etc. Currently, version can be one of ‘4.0’, ‘4.1’, ‘4.2’, ‘4.3’, ‘4.4’, ‘4.5’, ‘4.6’, ‘4.7’, ‘4.8’, ‘4.9’, ‘4.10’, ‘4.11’, ‘4.12’, ‘4.13’, ‘4.14’, ‘4.15’, ‘4.16’, ‘4.17’, ‘4.18’, ‘4.19’, ‘4.20’, ‘5.0’, ‘5.1’, ‘5.2’, ‘latest’ and ‘native’.


Generate code for a big-endian target.


Generate code for a little-endian target. This is the default.


Generate code for an expanded version of BPF, which relaxes some of the restrictions imposed by the BPF architecture: