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2.208 Pragma Wide_Character_Encoding


pragma Wide_Character_Encoding (IDENTIFIER | CHARACTER_LITERAL);

This pragma specifies the wide character encoding to be used in program source text appearing subsequently. It is a configuration pragma, but may also be used at any point that a pragma is allowed, and it is permissible to have more than one such pragma in a file, allowing multiple encodings to appear within the same file.

However, note that the pragma cannot immediately precede the relevant wide character, because then the previous encoding will still be in effect, causing "illegal character" errors.

The argument can be an identifier or a character literal. In the identifier case, it is one of HEX, UPPER, SHIFT_JIS, EUC, UTF8, or BRACKETS. In the character literal case it is correspondingly one of the characters h, u, s, e, 8, or b.

Note that when the pragma is used within a file, it affects only the encoding within that file, and does not affect withed units, specs, or subunits.