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8.2.9 _gfortran_caf_deregister — Deregistering coarrays


Called to free or deregister the memory of a coarray; the processor calls this function for automatic and explicit deallocation. In case of an error, this function shall fail with an error message, unless the STAT variable is not null. The library is only expected to free memory it allocated itself during a call to _gfortran_caf_register.


void caf_deregister (caf_token_t *token, caf_deregister_t type, int *stat, char *errmsg, size_t errmsg_len)

tokenthe token to free.
typethe type of action to take for the coarray. A CAF_DEREGTYPE_COARRAY_DEALLOCATE_ONLY is allowed only for allocatable or pointer components of derived type coarrays. The action only deallocates the local memory without deleting the token.
statintent(out) Stores the STAT=; may be NULL
errmsgintent(out) When an error occurs, this will be set to an error message; may be NULL
errmsg_lenthe buffer size of errmsg.

For nonalloatable coarrays this function is never called. If a cleanup is required, it has to be handled via the finish, stop and error stop functions, and via destructors.