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[PATCH] Remove trailing whitespace from libstdc++ headers

	* include/std/array: Remove trailing whitespace.
	* include/std/atomic: Likewise.
	* include/std/bitset: Likewise.
	* include/std/chrono: Likewise.
	* include/std/complex: Likewise.
	* include/std/condition_variable: Likewise.
	* include/std/fstream: Likewise.
	* include/std/functional: Likewise.
	* include/std/future: Likewise.
	* include/std/iomanip: Likewise.
	* include/std/iosfwd: Likewise.
	* include/std/istream: Likewise.
	* include/std/limits: Likewise.
	* include/std/ratio: Likewise.
	* include/std/scoped_allocator: Likewise.
	* include/std/sstream: Likewise.
	* include/std/stdexcept: Likewise.
	* include/std/string: Likewise.
	* include/std/system_error: Likewise.
	* include/std/thread: Likewise.
	* include/std/tuple: Likewise.
	* include/std/type_traits: Likewise.
	* include/std/utility: Likewise.
	* include/std/valarray: Likewise.
	* include/std/vector: Likewise.

Tested x86_64-linux, committed to trunk.

Attachment: patch.txt.gz
Description: application/gzip

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