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Re: TR1 Special Math

On 8 May 2015 at 15:05, Ed Smith-Rowland <> wrote:
> On 05/07/2015 12:06 PM, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
>> Hi Ed,
>> The C++ committee is considering the
>> proposal to make C++17 include the contents of ISO 29124:2010 (the
>> special math functions from TR1 that went into a separate standard,
>> not into C++11).
>> What is the status of our TR1 implementation? Is it complete? Good
>> enough quality to move out of the tr1 sub-dir?
>> Even if N4437 isn't accepted for C++17 we could move things around to
>> turn the TR1 code into an iso29124 implementation, do you think that
>> would make sense?
> That would make absolute sense.
> I actually have a tree where I've done that.
> All the functions are in there (29124 removed the hypergeometric functions.
> I'd like to keep those as extensions.
> I have some bugfixes also.
> I have a better version of the Carlson elliptic functions (which are used in
> the 29124 elliptic functions).
> Ed

Hi Ed, Florian,

Here's a patch to re-use the TR1 math functions to implement IS 29124,
what do you think of this approach? Ed, were you just going to copy
the files and have duplicated code?

We should probably uglify the names of the hypergeometric functions if
they are not in the final standard.

This doesn't include Florian's patch, which should be applied.

(I want to get this done before stage 1 ends in a couple of weeks, so
am posting this for review now, but I'll be unavailable for the next
week or two and might not be able to actually commit anything until
stage 3).

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