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Re: [Testsuite] random shuffle moveable issue

I assume this means that the board is failing to handle a global
variable of int[200000] correctly?

How small do you have to make the array to make the test pass? The
algorithm isn't testing anything specific with an array that big,
certainly I imagine 10,000 would be more than enough to get the same
quality of test coverage (probably even 100 to be honest, but bigger
doesn't hurt).

On 25 September 2015 at 14:23, Aurelio Remonda
<> wrote:
> Hello, i was running gcc tests on RTEMS, with rtems-testing and qemu
> simulating a realview pbx a9 board.
> On the libstdc++ summary i got this failure (among others).
> FAIL: 25_algorithms/random_shuffle/ execution test.
> When debugged it turns out that all three VERIFY pass (cout of the
> same line gave 1, is an equal) but i didn't get the exit code 0 at the
> end of the simulation. Apparently, this is making DejaGNU think
> something's wrong. If i reduce the size of A (the array that contains
> the values being shuffled) the test runs correctly.
> If this can be modified i will be happy to send the patch.
> Thank you.

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