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Re: Missing codecvt specializations and <codecvt> header and a request for some guidance

On 14/10/14 23:15 -0400, John Schmerge wrote:
Hi guys,

I'm looking for some guidance. As part of implementing a version of
the std::filesystem proposal, I've needed to flesh out pieces of the
missing codecvt classes for the standard library.

(Aside: there is an implementation of the Filesystem TS in the GCC Git
repo in the branch redi/filesystem-ts, which I plan to merge as soon
as I resolve some makefile/libtool issues in the build system.)

Right now, I have a poorly organized version of the codecvt
specializations for char16_t and char32_t and a version of
codecvt_utf8 up on github (and should have the
codecvt_utf16/utf8_utf16 classes in a workable state in a few days).

Someone else wanted to contribute those conversion facets back in
April, but never sent a patch:

Rüdiger, what's the status of your codecvt implementation?

I'd like to contribute this code to libstdc++ when its complete, and
I'm at a bit of a loss as to what the best way to go about that might
be. Any thoughts on how to do so would be appreciated.

Thanks! The conversion facets are one of the larger pieces of the
C++11 library still missing. I have implementations of wstring_convert
and wbuffer_convert ready to commit, but they are useless without the

The "Contributing" link on the home page has the details:

The main thing is a copyright assignment, which can take some time to
complete. As we're getting close to the end of stage 1 in GCC's
development cycle (see for details)
we may not have time for you to complete the paperwork during stage 1,
but if you're sure you will be able to contribute the code we can
review it now and merge it later during stage 3 when your assignment
is completed.

If you want to go ahead with completing the copyright assignment I can
send you the form off-list.

Some library-specific information on contributing can be found at
Code in libstdc++ should follow the coding style documented at

It is important that all files include the licence boilerplate and
that all non-standard names use the "uglification" documented in the
coding style link above.

You can find the code I'm speaking of here:

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