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Re: [C++ Patch] for c++/54537


Again sorry for such a delay. Paolo subtly ping'ed me on DR39
(c++/13590), and I remember that this bug (c++/54537) was blocking the
patch I wrote last year for DR39.

2012/11/15 Jason Merrill <>:
> I was only thinking of the primary signature; putting
> extern "C" double pow (double, double);
> in any namespace will result in calling the C library function if that
> declaration is selected by overload resolution.

Ah, I see, it works. Then we end up with three solutions:
1) remove the pow(double,double) overload
2) add a specialization template <> pow(double,double)
3) add an extern "C" declaration to refer to the C library function

I don't have a strong preference, I would say that all solutions are
more or less equivalent. In the end, builtins are just reached in
different ways I guess, depending on the optimisations enabled.
Given that Paolo already OKed the solution 1), I would go for it.

Shall I commit if it still passes regtests ?

Thank you for your patience...


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