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Re: [v3] docbook vs. texlive > 2007

On 11 December 2012 02:14, Benjamin De Kosnik wrote:
> The recent change in Fedora's documentation stack, from texlive-2007 to
> texlive-2013 caused some havoc in the libstdc++ "make pdf" rules.
> This patch fixes the previously unknown issues so that the pdf docs for
> libstdc++ can be built on texlive-2007 and texlive-2013.

This patch broke html generation for me. The new file containing the
bibliography didn't have an xmlns attribute on the root node, so the
<bibliography> element wasn't processed correctly.

This fixes it, however the Bibliography still appears after the first
section in the Policy Based Data Structures chapter, rather than the
last, because the <bibliography> element doesn't start a new chunk so
is in the same file as the first section. Adding a <?dbhtml?> PI
doesn't have seem to have any effect on a <bibliography>.

This patch also adds <?dbhtml?> PIs to several sections so the HTML
pages get stable names, rather than something like

        * doc/xml/manual/abi.xml: Update URLs for C++ ABI.
        * doc/xml/manual/policy_data_structures_biblio.xml: Add xmlns
        * doc/xml/manual/debug_mode.xml: Give filenames to chunks.
        * doc/xml/manual/diagnostics.xml: Likewise.
        * doc/xml/manual/extensions.xml: Likewise.
        * doc/xml/manual/bitmap_allocator.xml: Likewise.
        * doc/xml/manual/mt_allocator.xml: Likewise.
        * doc/xml/manual/policy_data_structures.xml: Likewise.
        * doc/xml/manual/parallel_mode.xml: Likewise.
        * doc/xml/manual/profile_mode.xml: Likewise.
        * doc/xml/manual/spine.xml: Likewise. Update copyright years.
        * doc/html/*: Regenerate.

Committed to trunk.  I'll fix the ABI URLs and check the html gen on
the 4.7 branch too.

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