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[v3] libstdc++/49829

This modularizes the libstdc++ sources such that the resulting library
binaries are now composed of three convenience libraries. In short:

libstdc++.[a, so] == libc++98 + libc++11 + libsupc++

Arguably, this is the way it should have been done all along. And
certainly since the C++11 support hit 5 or more files....

In any case, this helps resolve the knots gcc/libstdc++ config and
build get themselves into when gcc requires static libstdc++, but the
build says no-static (--disable-static). 

There are some warts that need addressing by a proper build maintainer.

1) dependency tracking for Help. It's not
installed and not really used in most cases, so this isn't crucial.
But, perfection is a cruel mistress, and I'd like to get this right.

2) I suppose the docs should be updated to reflect this. To-do.

I'm trying to get over my fear of using git for check-ins that require
a bunch of renames etc etc. So, this is my first one of these. If I did
it all wrong, please let me know gently and I'll try to fix it.

This patch is huge due to all the re-names. Please check out the patch
posted in bugzilla instead.


tested x86-64/linux
tested x86-64/linux -x- arm-eabi
tested x86-64/linux -x- cris-elf

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