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Re: Should _GLIBCXX_DEBUG affect tr1/array?

On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 6:44 PM, Paolo Carlini <> wrote:

>> Well, it's going to be a while before C++11 is fully accepted and I
>> (and I suspect others) already have plenty of code which uses
>> tr1::array. In fact the bug which I had trouble finding was an index
>> out of bounds in a tr1::array.
> Thus I understand you are also going to provide at once debug-mode bits for the other containers in tr1, and profile-mode too, right? ;)

Why? As far as I can see with debugging support, more is always better
than less. Also, the best way to work towards complete support is to
have people contribute the changes that they need and can test

Also, I figured that I was probably not the only person who might find
bounds checking useful.

>Nah, seriously, tr1 is in bug fix mode only.

That seems a bit of a shame, since the GCC manuals and main website
still state that C++11 support is experimental. That gives a choice
between "experimental" and "bug fixes only".

Since there is currently no non-experimental alternative to TR1 and
there are now 9 years of code out there potentially using it, it does
not seem entirely unreasonable that it could have debugging
enhancements should they become available.


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