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Re: C++ ABI RFC [was Re: C++/libiberty PATCH for many mangling fixes (6057, 48051, 50855, 51322, etc)]

> My concern is specifically about options for changing the default
> language version, not options for changing the libstdc++ ABI.  More
> generally, about configure options affecting the semantics of code
> passed to GCC, as opposed to non-semantic configure options such as
> choosing the processor for which to optimize.  (The closest we have
> to that at present is the options controlling decimal floating point
> and fixed point, but in general those are enabled by default wherever
> they work, and they only serve to permit some programs that would
> otherwise be rejected.)

Thanks for the clarification. I understand your concern here, and
frankly it seems appropriate. I'm not quite sure what is going to work
best here...

Let me re-think this and try to come up with actual patches that do
something sane, so that I can see the true scope of this work. At that
point (stage 1) I'll come back with more detail.


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