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Re: ::gets has not been declared

On Thu, 5 Jan 2012, Joseph S. Myers wrote:

On Thu, 5 Jan 2012, Tom de Vries wrote:

My hunch is that this recent glibc change causes/triggers the error:
	[BZ #13528]
	* libio/stdio.h: Do not declare gets for ISO C11 and _GNU_SOURCE.

I see this both on ARM and MIPS.

Should I file this as a problem in gcc or glibc?

It's a bug in libstdc++ that it doesn't allow for headers that have removed gets in accordance with C11.

And it is a bug for glibc to remove gets even when __cplusplus is defined. Also, it used to be that _GNU_SOURCE meant "declare everything and more", so it is surprising to now have it remove declarations, although it is understandable.

Do you have any suggestion on what libstdc++ can do when faced with C libraries that will randomly declare gets or not depending on flags? It would need knowledge of these exact flags so it can provide a replacement exactly when it isn't declared (or at least remove the using ::gets in that case, even if that is non-standard). The easiest workaround I can think of is to implement a failsafe version of using in the front-end, but there might be better solutions.

If the final C++11 still requires gets in <cstdio>, despite it being removed in C11, that's probably also a bug in C++11. (At least the most recent draft I have to hand still has gets in <cstdio>.)

It still has it. And it is based more on C99 than C11 (which didn't exist at the time), even if they did try to synchronize on some features.

Marc Glisse

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