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Re: [PATCH] [4.6] shared_ptr needs explicit copy constructor

On 01/03/2012 09:01 AM, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
> On 3 January 2012 16:59, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
>> On 3 January 2012 16:23, Chase Douglas wrote:
>>> When compiling with a compiler that is conformant to the c++11 spec for PR
>>> c++/50500, std::shared_ptr must have an explicitly defined copy constructor.
>> This has already been fixed in GCC 4.7, see PR 50500
> Doh, sorry - I should have actually read your message!
> As I said in 51699, I agree with backporting relevant library fixes,
> so I'm ok with this change.  Has it also been testing using G++ 4.6 as
> the compiler? :)

I just double checked. We have a library called utouch-frame
( It uses std::shared_ptr all over
the place. It also has a test suite that has virtually 100% function
coverage, and is tested with a real-world device recording, so it's a
mix of unit and integration testing. I rebuilt the library with this
change to gcc and ran the test suite. All passed normally.

-- Chase

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