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Re: [v3] Implement pointer_traits and allocator_traits

Here's a patch to make shared_ptr use allocator_traits, I don't plan
to commit this (at least not yet) but it shows what's needed to use
allocator_traits instead of the C++03 way of doing things.  It uses
allocator_traits<T>::__rebind<U>::__type which is a temporary
substitute for the unsupported allocator_traits<T>::rebind<U> template

This patch isn't quite backward compatible, because I changed
_Sp_counted_deleter::_My_deleter to derive from the supplied _Alloc
type instead of the rebound type.  I think that's more correct, but
changes the type (and possibly size) of the _M_del member.  The safe
way to make that change is probably to rename _Sp_counted_deleter to
_Sp_counted_deleter2, so that code built against the old header uses
the old type and code built with the new header uses a new, distinct

I completely rewrote _Sp_counted_ptr_inplace because it doesn't need a
deleter, so doesn't need to derive from _Sp_counted_deleter and can
benefit from the EBO. That could be renamed _Sp_counted_ptr_inplace2
for compatibility.

Apart from demonstrating how to make use of allocator_traits to
support both C++03 and C++11 allocators, this patch allows the
following example to work, using allocate_shared to create a
shared_ptr to a type with no public constructors or destructor, by
using a custom allocator which is declared as a friend:

#include <memory>
#include <new>

template<typename T>
struct MyAlloc;

class Private
  Private() = default;
  Private(const Private&) = default;
  ~Private() = default;

  friend class MyAlloc<Private>;

  int get() const { return 0; }

template<typename T>
struct MyAlloc : std::allocator<Private>
  void construct(void* p) { ::new(p) Private(); }

int main()
  MyAlloc<Private> a;
  auto p = std::allocate_shared<Private>(a);
  return p->get();

This allows you to write types which can only be managed

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