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Re: Code Throws Exception

To understand in better way,
There are 3 parts with my application.
Server, Client library and client
The whole application (Server & client library) is compiled with GCC4.1.2 & in RHEL5.2 PC and package has got created
After install the package with one more PC which is also RHEL5.2 (GCC4.1.2 &, I wrote a client code. The client throws exception. It
is with strings.(I am not sure the reason).  

[Note : A small check was, I have copied from RHEL4 PC -
Now the client is working fine - It is not throwing any exception -But it
didn't retrieved any data - Reason is server didn't boot up - Because of the
copy ( â Thatz the correct behavior.]

But why the same client is not able to up with the
Is there any option missed out? Why my code is not compatible with
What all I have to check from my side to resolve this issue?


Jonathan Wakely-4 wrote:
> 2009/6/4 ruks:
>> Recently I have migrated my code from GCC3.4.3 to GCC4.1.2.
>> It has server and client module. I have installed the package with
>> RHEL5u2,GCC4.1.2,
>> Server gets executed but while running the client it throws "Terminate
>> called after throwing instance of 'JTCSystemCallException' Aborted"
> Hi, that exception does not come from libstdc++ so you should debug
> the client to find out where it is thrown from.  In any case this list
> is for discussing development of libstdc++ not using it, so your
> question would be more appropriate on the gcc-help mailing list or
> somewhere relevant to the RHEL gcc packages, please follow up there.
>> Suppose if I changed to, then client gets executed
>> with
>> out error. But server stops.
>> I have to retain
> Yes, if part of your application is built with gcc 4.1.2 and linked
> with then you will need to use that version (or a
> later one) at runtime.
> Jonathan

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