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Re: Gut install.html

Phil Edwards wrote:

Paolo noticed that our install.html was seriously dated. ("You'll need a
snapshot of GCC 3.x to build the library," instructions on how to replace
v2 with v3, etc.) I started to try and update them, then realized that they
are just too old to be useful; most of it was written when we were still
releasing our own snapshots apart from the compiler.

Yesterday, I came to the very same conclusion...

Eventually all of this should be merged in with the main GCC documentation,
but until it's ready, we should just mention the steps unique to libstdc++
-- installing locales, for example -- and refer to the main pages for
everything else.  Finding shared libraries isn't actually unique to us,
but we're often the first library that a runtime loader will fail to find,
so users will usually be hunting our pages down before reading the GCC pages.

This rips out all the instructions for how to set up separate source and
build trees, the commands to issue, and so forth. Reactions?

Absolutely OK with me, much less confusing. Could you possibly also integrate
in your patch those additions to the set of locales that I sent you privately?


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