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Re: [v3, 3.4 & HEAD] set cpu_include_dir for mips*-*-linux*targets, update baseline file

On Tue, 2004-08-24 at 13:08, Matthias Klose wrote:
> The mips*-*-linux* targets are currently recognised as "generic".
> This seems to be wrong, as there is an old mips-linux-gnu baseline
> file. The following patch explicitely overwrites the configuration for
> the mips*-*-linux* in the last case statement.

The main reason from what I recall is that the atomicity file was only
useful for mips2 and above processors (and also support atomic
instructions). The current "workaround" of setting mips2 in the file is
only marginally useful, and only when you don't explicitly set cpu and
set abi.

It _does_ break mips1 cpus and cpus without atomic instructions (like
the emotion engine).

That said, as long as the patch doesn't break mips64-linux i don't much
care other than the limitation should be documented. A feature test
(perhaps by assembly of the instructions) to find out whether or not
ll/sc are supported might be a good idea.


Eric Christopher <>

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