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Re: Should basic_*stream::is_open() be const?

Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:

"Vladimir Merzliakov" <> writes:

| > | Without this methods being const (which they should be IMHO from a
| > | logical perspective, as they do not change the internal state of the
| > | stream but simply return state information), methods that use these
| > | methods can not be const.
| > | This "can not be const" will easily cascade into upper layers, which
| > | reduces quality and safeness of the code.
| > | | > | What are your doubts? Is there anything I might miss?
| > | > What do you do with a const stream?
| | class Parser {
| std:ifstream m_in;
| public: bool isOK() const { return m_in.is_open(); }
| };
| | ?

You're telling me that you need a const member function because you
need a constant member function.  A parser, is kind of stream.  My
question was what do you with a const stream.  If your const parser is
not OK what do you to it?

Surely a better idea would be to make every function const which can be made const, because there is no reason not to?


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