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Re: Linking to doxygen docs

On Fri, Aug 01, 2003 at 08:55:38AM +1000, Simon Butcher wrote:
> I'm wondering if there are any plans to generate and publicly provide a doxygen tag file, along with a standard URL to the generated docs on I've searched through your website, and mailing list archives, and googled a bit, and unfortunately found nothing with regards to the availability of a tag file to wget or ftp.
> Such a feature would allow on-line documentation to be linked to the most up-to-date documentation for libstdc++ without the need for individuals to maintain their own copy on their respective websites.

The URLs are straightforward:

The former one points to the current development tree, regenerated
occasionally after major changes.

The latter one will change according to the most recently released version.
Older versions are in the ftp site somewhere, and can always be generated
from source.

I myself have no plans for the tag files.


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