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Re: autotools transition report: autotools+dejagnu vs phil in asteel cage match

Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
| > | anywhere because We Don't Build For The Target, We Build For The Host.
| > | > I should have put a note on that in the doc long time ago -- at the time, I
| > didn't feel that it was needed (I assumed I was the only who didn't know).
| > It would have saved you some nighmarre. The terminologies are
| > "shifted" when it comes to libraries coming with the built compiler. | | Oh, we've known that for a long time. The existing comment in
| describing the shift was put there by me.

ah, I wasn't aware there was a comment to that effect in

It's a memorable one, too:

# You will slowly go insane if you do not grok the following fact:  when
# building v3 as part of the compiler, the top-level /target/ becomes the
# library's /host/.  `configure' then causes --target to default to --host,
# exactly like any other package using autoconf.  Therefore, 'target' and
# 'host' will always be the same.  This makes sense both for native and
# cross compilers, just think about it for a little while.  :-)

Dan Kegel

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